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THE POWDER BLUE CLUB - by Rick Fletcher TR Register Australia

The photo above is a CHALLENGE - it was taken at Port Macquarie (NSW) in 2007
- does anybody else have a photo of more Powder Blue cars in a line-up? WELL YES!!
We broke our own record at the Canberra Concours in 2014 with 10 cars -
it looks like OZ may be the only place in the world with lots of Powder Blue TRs?

This page is devoted to that rare breed of TR - the Powder Blue Sidescreen TR
So here are some from around the world with a few words from their owners.
PS - drop me an e-mail and pic if you want to join - Rick Fletcher (JPEGs preferred)  

(modified 12 April 2019)
It is interesting to see the white-wall tyres on some of the cars below. Very few cars in Oz have white-walls but I must say that they do look very nice against the Powder Blue paint work - Rick    Welcome to our select group:
Ron Thorn - 1959 TR3 UK
Carl Habal - 1961 TR3A VIC Australia
Sean Blazey - 1961 TR3A NSW Australia
David Pieris - 1958 TR3A Sri Lanka
Bob Anderson - 1959 TR3A South Australia
Johan Marais - 1958 Triumph Davdon Drophead Speedster
                                     South Africa - based on a 1958 TR3A chassis.
David Thomson - 1960 TR3A NSW Australia
Andreas Bertolla - 1961 TR3B - TCF1134 (matching numbers)
Stuttgart, Germany  
Lynden Norgate - 1960 TR3A NSW Australia
Simon Bayes - 19?? TR3A - UK
Allan Wettenhall - 1960 TR3A - Victoria - Australia
Peter Edmonds - 1959 TR3A - Christchurch - New Zealand

Jonas Ek -1961 TR3A - Blekinge Sweden

A. C. "Bo" Bogaty -1959 TR3A - Birmingham, AL  USA
David Satchwell - 1959 TR3A - Leicestershire UK

Guy Lacôme - TR3A - South of France

Rich Wilkins - TR3A - Warrenton Virginia USA
Moses Oakland - TR3A - Minneapolis Minnesota USA
John Herrera - TR3A - Myersville Maryland USA
Frank Marshall - 1960 TR3A - Canberra - Australia
Ralf Menzel - 1954 TR2 Longdoor - Germany

John Remmen - 1959 TR3A - the Netherlands

Rene Valentine - 1962 TR3B - USA
Eugenia - 1957 TR3- Northern Italy
Marcus Knöll - 1962 TR3B - Northern Germany
Menno van Rij - 1959 TR3A - the Netherlands
Gary Johns - 1961 TR3A - NSW Australia
Wayne Hall : an expat. Kiwi living in UK.
My wife and I love our Powder Blue TR3a. Would not have any other colour.
Frederic Duchemin : France - has sent 3 photos of his father's 1959 Powder Blue TR3A. It is regularly used to tour European roads and is part of a fleet of blue Triumphs.
Rob Bradford: QLD Australia 1960 TR3A photo shows the body after restoration and painting.
Terry Hicks: NSW Australia 1960 TR3A
Greg Raveaux: my 1958 TR3A is powder blue. Frame No. TS29389. The attention derived from each outing is absolutely enlightening!!

Joe Richards, Ohio USA owns this 1960 TR3A which was originally Powder Blue. Joe is the 2nd owner.

John Harrigal - "Carolina Blue" - Clemmons, NC USA

Rick Fletcher - "Bluey" (hardly an original name!) - Kalaru -NSW - Australia

Ian Meates - 1960 TR3A - VIC Australia - an interesting car as it is an ex. Police Car in Powder Blue. Ian has now sold this car to Allan Wettenehall.
See above.

Allan Mitchell - Orange - Australia

Merv & Marcia Collen - NSW (unfortunately, Merv passed away but his car known as "The Ballerina" has been purchased by Gary Johns - NSW)

Doug Milvain - Morundah - Australia (unfortunately, Doug passed away but the car has happily passed into the hands of a new custodian - Brian Milton - and has since been sold into Queensland we understand)

Trevor Davies car - NSW - TR3A - 1960 model

Erik Van den Wijngaert - Belgium - TR3A - nr. 59917L

Kris Van Nijen - Belgium - TR3A - 1960 model