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The POWDER BLUE CLUB     (updated 23 April 2017)

Re: Powder Blue Paint Colour...

There has been much technical discussion about paint codes but the general conclusion is that the codes will not produce a match to the original colour because the pigment supplies have changed over the years. In other words, if you mix to an old code, it will not necessarily come out the same colour as expected.

Most people advise finding a car or a panel off a car which is the colour you like. Then, have it matched by a computer colour paint mixer. If your car was originally Powder Blue, you may be able to cut through the top layer and find some original colour underneath - or perhaps inside a door (somewhere that has not been exposed to sunlight) - then match to that.

However, the original codes for Powder Blue as taken from "Original Triumph TR" by Bill Piggott , 1991, p55 are:

  • Dockers CGB77 or CHC38
  • ICI HILUX M-048-8013
  • Pinchin-Johnson PJ426HS or PJ426LB
  • Berger (Ault and Wiborg) 20539

From Terry Hicks (NSW) - November 2007 - describes a computer match to some of his original paint.

"At the concourse I met up with Bob Murgatroyd who is restoring a Powder Blue TR3A. I sent him the formula for my paint. It may not be absolutely correct but it was based on an original spare wheel cover with no repaint internally. I rubbed back through the repaints to the original layer, polished that up and had that matched.
I am attaching a copy of that formula:

Terry Hicks TR POWDER BLUE PAINT FORMULA using "MOTOSPRAY" Automotive Acrylic Lacquer

M34 2859.3
M09 3803.2
M12 3982.6
M31 4024.0
M16 4059.8
M06 4090.1

As is said on the site other colours may be appropriate.
Merv's is a Volkswagen blue and Alan Mitchell's is Nissan I believe.
Not that it really matters but I can at least add an acrylic formula that works for me".

Terry Hicks

From Rob Bradford (NSW) - April 2017 - offers a PDF on paint and his own formula for Powder Blue:

This is the formula I used on my car.

M43: 2288
M09: 3044
M12: 3188
M31: 3220
M16: 3268
M06: 3268
M34: 3968