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David Pieris - Sri Lanka - 1958 TR3A
TS 36394   
(eng. no. TS 36962 E)

Australian TR Register member David Chapman (TR2) reports:

""I visited Sri Lanka in October 2017 and was fortunate to go and see the powder blue Triumph TR3A that belongs to David Pieris. I was lucky enough to take the car for a drive and found it to be a very fast TR3A.

It was originally purchased by Mr. M. Ederiweera from Ceylon Tours. David Pieris then purchased the car many, many years ago from Rally Dean, the second owner, who worked for Brown & Co in Sri Lanka, the official agents for Triumph cars. David enjoyed the car for many years and raced the car in numerous local events.

The car was subsequently sold and ended up as a collector’s item with Killy Mahendran of Mahrajas and kept in his collection for some time. Finally he gave it to David free of charge as a gift in 2011 and David has spent a fair bit of money restoring the TR3A to get it back to its former glory.

The car is fitted with a sports steering wheel, a racing cam and an alternator. David Pieris owns and runs the go cart facility in Aluthgama. The track has been recently extended and ready to run major go cart events.”