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Guy Lacôme - Southern France

Guy says: " Until I stumbled onto this page I hadn't realised we were part of such an elite group!
When we purchased TS 38737 LO (a 1958 example) in June 1980, it was just restored.
It came with that amazing combination of colours, and the desirable overdrive was the unique optional extra.

Over the years, the red vinyl interior proved to be indestructible and everything has been maintained as close as possible to the original (not a philosophy, things just happened like that), except for an additional electric fan.

Also, lately, the engine has been rebuilt with 87mm pistons and the baby got a new paint.
Next step will concern the rear suspension that shows its age, and a few details like the unpredictable speedometer and that treacherous petrol gauge.
But, in a word, 30 years later we are not tired of it, yet. It's still a delight to drive".