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Menno van Rij's car - The Netherlands (added 18 June 2008)

A freshly painted car! (Colour: PPG X0034)
Click Photo for larger image

Menno has sent this little history of his car:

Rick A few years back I moved house and asked a friend to look after my Spitfire for a few weeks: I needed the garage space. At the back of his workshop was a derelict powder blue TR3A. An abandoned restoration project.

To make a long story short: I sold the Spitfire and became the new owner of a TR3A, mostly packed in greasy boxes. And now, nearly four years later, the car is shiny powder blue again!

I put the car back together over a period of 15 months. Cutting corners (moneywise that is), got it approved by the authorities (safety, roadworthiness etc) and started to drive the car. Later that year, I decided to take the car apart again and start a full restoration. I turned to Henk Bongertman ( ) and he helps me with the restoration: strengthening the chassis, helping me to decide what parts to use etc.

The car is stripped to that last nut and bolt. And I'm not a concours attender. So, the car is modified to suit modern day traffic: uprated brakes, Revington steering parts, bespoke loom etc. You can follow the restoration on and for more detailed pics:

Some data:

  • Built: November 12, 1959
  • Shipped to Los Angeles a few days later
  • First sold in 1960
  • Back to Holland in 2002
  • In my possession since 2004
  • Comm. Number: 61947L
  • Powder blue
  • Interior Black leather
  • Hood: white.