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Simon Baye's car - UK
19?? TR3A
TS ?????

"The car I own was originally bought by a lady for £500.00 in 1961 from a garage as a one owner car. She then kept it for about 50 years changing the log book into her husbands name in 2010. They used the car at weekends and evenings in the summer and went to many shows. In the late 80's her husband fell ill and the car was left in the garage and not used again.

After many years a friend of mine finally bought the car from them and pulled it out of the garage. The car was all original and had only been resprayed in the 70s. It did have a small amount of water in the rear right corner in the boot and this led to a small weld in that section - all in all the car was perfect.

He then decided to do a proper job and remove the body and restore the car. He spent 5 years doing this and removed every nut and screw but was amazed that it didn't need any welding. He took detailed pictures of the process removing all paint from the chassis and panels finding no rust underneath. Due to family circumstances, he had to sell his projects before completion.

I bought the car in boxes and have spent the last year finishing the job he started. All the panels and chassis are original and rust free. It's an original Powder Blue car with Blue leather upholstery. I have upgraded the engine to a TR4 as the car came with a spare one. The engine and gearbox will go in this week after replacing everything inside with new parts - cam chain, bearings etc."