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Robert Bradford - Queensland - Australia
1960 TR3A - TS76763
Powder Blue car under restoration.

New paintwork hardening off.

My 1960 3A was originally Powder Blue and has now been returned to it's original colour.  
Under several layers, I found all the original which I used as a base however it was rather sallow and I added a little more "Body" into the colour.
I started with Terry Hicks's Formula and the cut/polished interior of a Door which was in good original condition. Using  "The HICHEM system" The net result is as close as we could get in bright sunlight after 4 tries.
M34 ...2288 (= net cumulative weight of paint in Grams/4 Ltr mix)
09 ...3044
12 ...3188
31 ...3220
16 ...3248
06 ...3268
34 ...3968  a little more white and less reduced blackM34 which means that the car will appear slightly lighter blue and perhaps a tad less turquoisey. Beyond that the colour elements do not vary a great deal from Terry's. .
Robert Bradford

Now Finished (are they ever !)

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