Pg 4 - Pres. Dinner
Photo contributors include: Howard Prior, Rick Fletcher, Gavin Rea, John Blake, Bob Watters + various Tassie Tourers


Presentation Night photos by Howard Prior (QLD) - many thanks Howard.

Gavin Rea started proceeding off as MC doing his usual excellent job.

President Russell Holliday was delighted with the Concours organisation and participation.

The happy crew from Queensland certainly adopted the RED theme.

A number of well deserved thank you awards were presented especially to the Tasmanian team
who pitched in to help David after the sad passing of Jean Pearce.

The Best Dressed award went to Bob & Joyce Fast - well deserved.

Another well deserved award to Life Member Allan Bare who provides endless support to the club.
Best illustrated this year by his organisation of Bareco and TR new parts on tap at the Launceston Branch of Bareco for emergencies.

Some of the prizes to be awarded to ticket buyers.

Now - all we have to do is figure out how we are going to fit it in the TR!

Tony looks EXTRAORDINARILY pleased with this prize!

Is this polishing kit a hint??

The Red Baron and his captive.

Another one of Terry's SPOOKY photos?

Three additional Life Members were inducted in 2017 - they were David Pearce (TAS); Bruce Hoskins (NSW) & Tony Knowlson (VIC)
All long serving members of the TR Register. David is on the far left and Bruce and Tony are holding their Certificates.