Pg 3 Awards
Photo contributors include: Howard Prior, Rick Fletcher, Gavin Rea, John Blake, Bob Watters + various Tassie Tourers


Originality Class

1st Place and best TR3
and the Laurie Cousin Trophy

Presented by Frank Cleary past President TR Reg NZ

Noel & Cindy Schmidt - SA


2nd Place and Best TR3
and the White-Walker Trophy
Presented by President Russell

John & Leonie Johnson - VIC




3rd Place and Best TR2

Chris Wisbey TR2 - TAS



Unfortunately Chris Wisbey
was unable to attend.



Excellence in Presentation.


1st Keith Brown TR3A - VIC
and the Murn Mitchell Trophy
Presented by Life Member Allan Mitchell





2nd Lewis Gray TR3 - QLD
Presented by Life Member Allan Mitchell






3rd Gary Waite TR3A - VIC
Presented by Life Member Allan Mitchell




Road Class.


1st Peter Cotter TR3B - VIC
and the Boyce Beeton Trophy
Presented by First Lady Kerrie Holliday





2nd Jim Allen TR3 - NSW
Presented by First Lady Kerrie Holliday





3rd Jack Gault TR3A - ACT
Presented by First Lady Kerrie Holliday

Rookie of the Year Award


David & Jenny Ferguson - VIC
Presented by Ian & Susie Wall

Restoration Award


Winston & Marilyn Quaile - TAS
Presented by Jack Gault ACT

Encouragement Award


Ian & Sue McLiesh - QLD
Presented by Bob & Rob Adams

People’s Choice


Ivan & Elizabeth Powell  - SA

Presented by Peter McEwan & Life Member Graham Brohan ACT

Derivative Class


Chris Olson - NSW
Presented by Mark Stuckey (Sec)

Competition Class


Stephen Rochester. - TAS
Awarded the Harry Firth trophy
Presented by John McCormack (NSW

Clubpersons of the Year.

John & Pauline Kay. - TAS
Presented by John & Leonie Johnson

Editors Award

David Pearce - TAS
Presented by Jenny & Terry Hicks

Moss Award.



Keith & Judy Brown - VIC
Presented by Life Member Gavin Rea

Never an eagerly anticipated award, the
Moss Award
for this years'
Most Outstanding & Spectacular Stuffup is:

Keith Brown and you can see that he is really delighted to receive it.

Rumoured to involve a stationary TR, an open bonnet and a rapidly descending roller door!
Life Members
Three additional Life Members were inducted in 2017 - they were:
David Pearce (TAS);
Bruce Hoskins (NSW) &
Tony Knowlson (VIC)
All long serving members of the TR Register.

David is on the far left and Bruce and Tony are holding their Certificates.