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Patrick Walsh (NSW) - TR3A - 1960 model

Commission # TS80960 O

The photo below is of my Uncle Dan racing the TR at Warwick Farm.

He tells me that the photo is "Warwick Farm start line - Dan being in No.16, third on grid of A grade.
In front is a modified 100S Healy and a Daimler 250 V8.”

During the Australian Grand Prix - 1963

Pat Walsh has sent in another photo of his uncle Dan (#16) at Warwick Farm - during the Australian Grand prix 1963.
This was the final race before the main race-won by Jack Brabham. The TR was originally Powder Blue and
later Red. From the tone of this B&W print it looks to have been P/Blue in this race.

There is also another TR3A running behind Dan. I can make out the rego plate as CKR 738
Does that ring a bell for any club members? Somebody may have some race programmes from 1963.

From Neil Tribe:       I was there that day sitting in the grandstand. My recollection is that John Hinton was driving a black TR3A. He was very competitive. CKR 738 may well have been him? LATER ADDITION: I thank Geoff Kelly for the information he has provided. I can confirm that I saw John Hinton driving his black TR3A at Warwick Farm in both 1962 and 1963. If his car was CKR 738 in 62 then it is certain it was him in 63 in the same car. I was a fan of John Hinton and always watched him closely. I can still picture him rounding the right hander onto pit straight at Warwick Farm smoking his rear tyre in controlled oversteer lap after lap. No one else could do that. EVEN MORE!! I did as Bob slender suggested and looked at old motor racing photographs - Australia (FaceBook). There is a magnificent picture of John Hinton in CKR 738 at Warwick Farm. Boy, he was one committed driver. What is more amazing is that the photo was posted by Wayne Vinckx (pronounced Vinx). I know Wayne well. He is JAX tyres in Mittagong and supplies all my race tyres, does the wheel alignments etc and all at a special price. Sure is a small world in motor racing.

And from Geoff Kelly:   Yes I reckon Neil Tribe is correct. I have John Hinton driving CKR 728 at Warwick Farm in 1962 so you would assume he still owned the car 12 months later.

And from Bob Slender:   I am aware of a John Hinton who raced a TR back in the day, but never met him. There are photos of Hinton and his TR3a racing at Warwick Farm on the "Old Motor Racing photos - Australia" facebook page. I do remember watching him at Warwick Farm in the good old days. He is still around I believe. Roger Gates knows John and may have some old programmes.

...AND MORE:Ffrom Pat Walsh - "I asked Dan. He rustled up these. Can't believe he found them. Not sure if you could retire on the 4th place prize money. Looks like the other TR driver is definitely John Hinton."

Click these prints to read them:

I just find it fascinating how motoring enthusiasts can stitch together the history of our TRs. Thank you one and all (Rick)

An interesting old b&w print below... Pat sent the following information:
"This is myself and my sister Moya. We are a little older now and the TR is in store for a good restoration but still runs a lot better than we do."