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DISCLAIMER: Articles are presented in good faith by the author and the TR Register Australia Inc. Some articles may be several years old and items, prices, suppliers, availability etc may have changed. This forum, the web site and our club newsletter, from time to time, print articles containing suggestions and advice for maintenance and modifications to your car, but it is your responsibility to ensure that any modifications or maintenance that you carry out on your vehicle conforms to all applicable safety and design laws and regulations and any stipulation made by your insurance company. Accordingly the TR Register Australia Inc., its officers, directors, any Club committee members or authors of individual articles or items hereby disclaim responsibility for all and any legal liability whatsoever (as may by law be disclaimed) as might otherwise arise.
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Add Intermitant & 2 Speed wipers to your TR

This is a two part artical

  • Part 1  explains the intermittent.
  • Part 2  explains both intermittent & 2 speed.

By : Neville Turbit


Here's a spanner I knocked up (it's not flash) for removing the brass water drain tap from the block of a TR:


  • cut off open ended spanner that fits the tap
  • bit of angle iron
  • cut off piece of a 1/2"  old socket

You can get it around the body of the tap and use a 1/2" drive to remove a tight tap. Plenty of penetrating oil helps.

On reassembly, use plenty of anti seize or teflon tape.

Rick Fletcher

Technical / For Sale Article - "The Half Screen" or" Split System" or "Sissy Screens" Another invention from Bob Adams. Click the Photo for details

A timely TECHNICAL ARTICLE from Prof. Bradford as the weather heats up.

See the December SIDESCREEN of 2019 for full details.

Oil Seals Can be Directional!

A technical article by Brian Richards

Seals come in a variety of configurations, double lip, single lip, spring tensioned, Viton, Teflon, etc but did you know they can also be directional! You can get bi-directional, clockwise and anticlockwise. The best ones are directional. How do you tell???

In case you need to replace the choke linkage rod like I had to and originality is not the main concern, then try this one. I had to trim a tiny bit off one threaded end.

I bought it on-line for $30 incl. postage at:
Petrol Head Heaven

Click pic to view. Tell 'em Rick sent you! (Rick Fletcher)

Rob Bradford's latest article on:

Over Temperature Alarm - 2017
Another from the workshop of the "Professor" (Rob Bradford)

Speedo Right Angle Drive Repair - 2016
Another from the workshop of the "Professor" (Rob Bradford)

Fitting "Uncle Jacks" Improved Front Axle Kit - 2016
Another from the workshop of the "Professor" (Rob Bradford)

A Repair to your Oil Pump to solve loss of Oil Pressure - 2016
Another from the workshop of the "Professor" (Rob Bradford)

Transforming an old Steering Wheel - 2016

An article from Neville Turbit (Dec 2015)

I have just completed window replacement on my side curtains, and thought it might be worth sharing the experience. Before you read any further, if you are after originality, you can stop reading now. I made the side curtains up using a different approach to the originals. I built a frame around the forward window.

Another from the workshop of Rob Bradford

How Old — and Dangerous — Are Your Tyres?
From the workshop of Rob Bradford

There are Wheel Studs and Real Studs!
From the workshop of Rob Bradford

Thermo Fans and Radiators do not always get along together!
From the workshop of Rob Bradford

DipStick Blues - How an apparent main seal leak may have come from the dipstick.
From the workshop of Brian Richards.

Has the handbrake ever been a "pain in the leg" for you?
If so, you might be interested in this Handbrake Conversion.
From the workshop of Rob Bradford

How to Recondition Armstrong Shock Absorbers YOURSELF!
Alternative suggestion to
sealing rear crankshaft scroll.
Article by Colin Cuffe - 2014:
"The rear crankshaft scroll can be fully leak-proofed by a high temp. VITON 63mmx4mm 0 ring stretched over the crank flywheel flange and tensioned on the crank web between the surface ground and polished face of scroll and inner flange face."
Blocked Drains
by Neville Turbit

Neville has suggested a way to solve the problem of the drain tubes in the boot leaking or blocking.

Check This

Vacuum Advance

17 Sep 2014

Member Martin Corke QLD) had the follwoing problem with his vacuum advance unit & found a local solution:
"I found a break in my vacuum advance unit tubing between the distributor and the carburettor manifold. This was replaced but when sucking on the tube (easiest way to test) I found the advance was not changing so the unit was not working. I wonder how many people actually check this from time to time - easier than replacing valves I would suggest!

The TR Register don't supply this part but I tracked down a firm in Queensland who can replace/rebuild them, maximum time is 2 days, cost is $75 plus Australia Post.
Here is the link:            Hope this helps other members."

Why Do Left Hand Bends Stink ?
Do you have this common dilemma - after having filled up the TR, every left hand bend was quickly followed by the stench of petrol which had exited the breather on the RHS of the tank and left a trail of valuable fuel on the road?

Well, if you do, Rob Bradford (our prolific inventor & designer)
has THIS ANSWER for you!


Our "Resident Mechanic" Brian Richards has produced a number of Technical Articles for "Sidescreen".

If you are having difficulty locating these, "Brain" (alias Brian) has supplied the text for the following articles:
NOTE: the diagrams are missing but Brian has promised to supply them!

Knock On Wheels: a problem caused by "left being not right!" OR "Knock On / Fall Off" Rack & Pinion Conversion: an alternative to the Escort rack.
Intermittent Overdrive Operation Ignition Coil: "It Failed to Proceed"
Leaking Rear Axle Seals: Overdrive Issues: a question of "springs"
Oils and Oil Changes: a 3 part article Rack & Pinion Safety Issue:

Replacement Distributor: going Japanese

Articles on EFI still to come.
Wire Wheel Balancing adaptor for the TR
By Rob Bradford

IT'S ALL IN THE BALANCE.  (22 Nov 2013 )
A NEW Technical article courtesy of Rob Bradford©. Rob shows how to produce an inexpensive adaptor so that our spoked wheels can be balanced on a conventional wheel balancer.
to COOL the TR
By Rob Bradford


How to Cool, a TR.  (5 Sept 2012 ) "Too cool in Winter and too hot in Summer seems to be part of the birth right of a TR in Australia or any place outside the “Mother Country”.                 Download illustrated .pdf file here

Rack & Pinion - Turn Signal Indicator and Horn Conversion
Turn Signal Indicator and Horn Conversion (5 Sept 2012 )
Ian Simmons describes his method for converting the turn signal and horn controls on a rack and pinion equipped TR.  Download illustrated .pdf file here.
Minimising Bump Steer with TR Rack & Pinion conversion.

Minimising Bump Steer with TR Rack & Pinion conversion. (5 Sept 2012 )
An article by Rob Bradford on the causes and effects of bump steer in rack & pinion converted cars, and how to minimise its effect. Download illustrated .pdf file here

Leaking Rear Axle Seals

A technical article submitted by Brian Richards on causes,effects and remedy for repairing leaking Girling rear axle seals. Read full article here.

Bonnet Rattle and how to fix or avoid it ! (11 July 2012)
Brian Richards has devised a way to fix that annoying bonnet rattle which seems to be common on TRs." At the 2011 concourse I spoke with a number of members who suffered from the dreaded TR bonnet rattle. As a lot of you know, this can be very annoying and there have been many attempts to fix it"
Read Brian's solution here.

Left Hand to Right Hand Dash Conversion. (24th Nov2009)
Rob Noonan has sent details of his left hand drive to right hand drive dashboard
conversion. You can view the article by downloading the Adobe Acrobat file (48k)
as well as clicking on the photo for a larger view.

More Mods carried out by Ray Leslie (30 May 2009)
Ray Leslie (QLD Australia) has made another modification to stop the tonneau from flapping. The pic tells the story (Click to View).
Various Mods carried out on a restored TR (15 April 2009)
Ray Leslie (QLD Australia) has made some interesting modifications to his TR3A.
He says: "Here are some photos of modifications I have made to the TR.  All can be removed as required as all are bolted on.  I call the rear suspension a half watts link. I have added a fog and driving light, front sway bar, rear  telescopic shocks, tramp rods, power booster, header tank and over-flow bottle, crossflow Volvo radiator, thermo fan and rack & pinion steering."

Fuel Inject Your TR
Yet another technical illustrated article by Brian Richards - reproduced courtesy of Brian and "Sidescreen" Editor Bob Slender  (September 2008)
January 2009 - Update

23 June 2008
Learn about making a Reproduction Temperature Gauge for your TR in this article by TR Register Australia member Bernard Doherty.
Fixing a leaking sensor plug in the Volvo radiator conversion.  An illustrated article by Rick Fletcher showing a temporary repair if the sensor plug "falls out". The correct replacement rubber bush to carry as a spare is decribed. (April 2007)
Fitting a 2500 Gearbox with overdrive to a TR. Another technical illustrated article by Brian Richards - reproduced courtesy of Brian and Editor Bob Slender  (July 2006)
Wire Wheel Article Brian Richards has written an article on the Correct Way to Tighten Wire Wheels in the latest issue of "Sidescreen".
To support this article we have made available an article by Wilson McComb which was re-printed with the permission of "Safety Fast" (MG Car Club) in our "Technical Tips 2" handbook.
You can view this article on the Website... OR ... you can Download the Word File 183kb.
Fitting a Volvo cross flow radiator to a TR3A An illustrated article by Brian Richards - reproduced courtesy of Brian and Editor Bob Slender                          Additional PICS added 28th Jan 06
ARTICLES - pre 2006
Cooling the
Sidescreen TR
A series of 3 articles by Brian Richards - previously seen in "Sidescreen" & reproduced courtesy of Brian and Editor Bob Slender
Rack & Pinion Conversion Here are a couple of pics showing one way to make a mounting system for rack & pinion steering. It uses a TR4A rack but it could be adapted for a Ford Escort rack
Fitting bottom Radiator Bolts Here is a method to simplify removing & re-fitting the awkward-to-get-at bottom radiator bolts.
Disassembling the Control Head in the steering column This is a great technical article on Disassembling the Control Head in the steering column on the Sidescreen Cars. This is a Microsoft Word® File which I have ZIPPED to reduce the file size but it is still LARGE at 700k. To download the file click: Part 1 - Disassembly
We are grateful to Clive Elsdon in the UK for permission to place his article on our website.
Pressure will now be on Clive to produce Part 2
Narrow Fan Belt & Alternator Conversion Due to frequent requests we have reprinted the NARROW FAN BELT (& ALTERNATOR) CONVERSION article from the April 1999 club magazine.
The diagrams have not been digitised but will follow soon - most people could proceed without them.
(2004) - a series of photos has been added to assist this operation.
Gearbox Removing Jib Here is a tool to help you remove the gearbox through the cockpit - single handed - no strain! See the Gearbox Removing Jib
Gearbox Lifting Crane See the Jan Rijckaertj GEARBOX LIFTING CRANE which is an alternative solution to the one above. (Dec 2003)
TR Overdrive
Solenoid Repair
An article contributed by Ronnie Babbitt on the operation and repair of TR Solenoids.
Gear and Diff Ratio Calculations

A question was asked in the Website Forum about Gear and Diff ratio calculations, to give KPH/1000 RPM etc.
Mick Anderson has kindly responded by making up an Excel spreadsheet.
It allows all these calculations, and much more, to be done very simply.
It needs to be run with Excel 97 or later. Earlier versions give the correct calculations but the graphs do not draw correctly. Download Spreadsheet ... Thanks Mick

Technical Tips Book The TECHNICAL TIPS BOOK - Reprint is now available to TR Register Australia members - see For Sale
SU Carburettor - Tuning & Adjusting the information on the following pages was extracted from:
The SU Carburettor Type H - tuning, adjusting and servicing instructions
The British Motor Corporation Limited 1965
SU Jets

If you are interested in maximum performance from SU carbs on a somewhat modified engine, check out and download the SUNEEDLE.EXE program (if you have a PC capable of running a DOS program). It has needle charts for almost 500 different needles, along with tools to select and compare needles. The 'lean' needles listed by Moss for the TR3/A are only leaner over a small band of low power (cruise) settings. They are actually richer through the higher power bands than the 'normal' needle!

After downloading SUNEEDLE.EXE, you should move it to a directory of it's own before executing it. It is a self-extracting archive of 11 different files including 5 different DOS programs. You will want to read HAYSTACK.MAN which is a plain ASCII text file, using WordPad or whatever.

Update (8 Nov 2001) "'s the latest attempt to present a web based searchable needle index. This is a totally stand alone javascript based 0.090" search table, it may say it's taking too long but let it run. It'll work just fine. You can seach by station to compare what other needle is near that one."

Fitting TR Bonnet Badges & Letters Here is a method of fitting cast bonnet (hood) badges & letters to classic cars
Fixing LUCAS Light Switches Before you throw away that old Lucas light switch, have a go at REPAIRING it.
Scuttle Shake? (1) Here is one way of correcting scuttle shake - Neville Smith VIC

Scuttle Shake? (2)
& under Bonnet (Hood) Drainage

And here is another way of modifying a TR2 to prevent scuttle shake (and also provide an effective "drainage" system).