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John and Leonie Johnson (VIC) - Committee Rep.
TR3A - 1960 model - TS80572
                   TR3 - 1956 model - DTR 10238
See also the "Round Australia Trip"  and the 3As crankshaft woes.

The TR3 at Albury 2016 - Concours Winner 2016 receiving the Laurie Cousin Trophy and awarded BEST TR3

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This is the TR3 - just returned from the body shop in June 2016

And - now in residence with its colleague TR3A

TR3A taken at the Echuca Concours 2013

John & Leonie's TR3A at the Port Macquarie Concours 2007

John & Leonie also owned this early long door TR2 which was originally restored by a father and son team from Narrabeen.
Shirley Pitman (dec. Life Member) purchased the car in 1979 and experienced many troubles with it. Ray Potbury purchased the car from her and it proved to have a badly damaged Vanguard motor. It is mostly original and was put back into use. Rego 089 EZT.
2002 update: Vehicle unregistered and not in use.
2005 update - Ray Potbury (now in Brisbane) sold the car to Peter Clarke (QLD) in November 2005


Room here for some history of the car Johno!
John and Leonie at the Port Macquarie Concours 2007
In 2006 John & Leonie were major organisers of the 2006 Concours at Bendigo.
 Always a joker!
"JAIL" at the 2006 Bendigo Concours
A joker again - pretending to scratch Rob Shaefer's lovely car.
It was great to see that John & Leonie made it a family affair.
John & Leonie were also the organisers of the very successful Tassie Tour in 2007