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Stanthorpe Queensland 2020 Information - Fri. 11th to Sun. 13th September Entry Form

Info updated 27 Feb 2020 - includes details & entry form PDFs - bookings already heavy.


The Great Western Victoria Art and Ocean TT has been successfully completed.
CV 19 had a small impact at the end for interstate participants but we all had a wonderful time and photos will appear soon.
Thanks Lesley & Tony for your great organisation.

Talking of CV19 - President John advises:
The TR Register is obliged to comply with the government's requirement on people to avoid non-essential travel. Unfortunately,
it is now necessary to cancel all TR Register Australia activities until 31 May. As we approach the end of May we will revisit the situation.

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Parts will continue to be supplied in the normal way by contacting Ray by Email or Phone.

Bareco has implemented required procedures during the Pandemic and Register Parts will NOT be supplied
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1st Photos of the Recent TT
This photo was taken as we left Halls Gap (Lake Bellfield) Click photo to see more (updated 25 March)

Photo - David Ferguson

Photo - Bob Watters

Occasional views of "OTHER" classic cars owned by some of our Register members will appear here
and in the menu box at the top right. Below we have President John McCormack's recently comleted TR2 ...

And one for the webmaster as it is providing GOOD THERAPEUTIC WORK during the pandemic.

A 1953 Riley RME - which gives similar practice in Lucas wiring gymnastics anddirt grime and grease.
Photo shows Bob helping me retrieve it from Adelaide.
What AUTO PROJECTS are you working on during forced isolation?

If you have any TR related photos or information to share during the present difficult times, please send them in.
It will be a useful diversion for all of us.

Here is one from Alan Mitchell: VIDEO FOOTAGE OF THE 1994 GNOO BLAS REVIVAL (Orange NSW)
It features club members:

  • John Murn (Red TR3A white helmet, possibly #1 with windscreen),
  • Alan Mitchell (Red Buchanan TR #72 with camera man in passenger seat),
  • Geoff James (Red TR3A white helmet, aeroscreen, TR059),
  • Rick Fletcher (Red TR2 black helmet #83 aeroscreen TR2054),
  • Boyce Beaton (Green TR3A with black hardtop)
  • Others attending but not running: Allan Bare, possibly Graham Griffith

Rick Fletcher: "This was a bit of a crazy event which featured motorcycles running as well, as can be seen in the video. As the turns are right-hand, it was somewhat alarming to have a motorcycle whizz by your right elbow in the turns! I think it was the first year of the Revival as I don't recall motor cycles in the 2nd year. I think it was in the 3rd year that the Mini driver was killed on the "Mental" Straight (as confirmed by Bob Slender)."

I'll try to find the original negative of this photo & re-scan it.
Well I searched high and low and found the colour negative - only to find that my CanoScan 8800F is no longer supported by Microsoft with
drivers for Windows 10. That now renders an excellent scanner useless. It was brilliant at scanning negatives + colour slides (mongrels!)

TR Buchanan (Mitchell), TR2 (Fletcher), TR3A (James), TR3A (Beeton) outside Alan's house in Orange 1994

Click this photo for a readable version of the plaque near the start/finish line:

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