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"Hammo" as he was known to most of us died from a stroke on Tuesday 17th November, after his health deteriorated over the last few months.

Hammo came into my life as a 14 year old when he was courting my sister. We became firm friends and Robyn and I were the "tag along youngies" with them and some of their friends. John and Ellen got married in 1968 and had two lovely daughters, Bonnie and Sarah.

John's father was a Scottish motor mechanic who liked fast motor bikes and cars. Hammo inherited all of his father's traits.

My association with Hammo wavered a bit after his divorce but was rekindled in 1998 when my niece invited us to visit Hammo as they were camping at Warburton over Xmas. We arrived on the appointed day and sat around a campfire over a cup of tea and it did not take long to pick up where we had left off some 10 years before. It was at this reunion that Hammo introduced me to the Triumph TR Sidescreen. A few weeks later I had purchased my own TR Sidescreen resto. Hammo did remarry and he and Sally produced John and Amy. Young John has inherited his father's interest in the Triumph TR Sidescreen and fast cars.

Although I am deeply saddened by John's passing I will never forget him or the times we spent together. We have become firm friends with Hammo's second family and we look forward to seeing them grow and carry on the McCormack dynasty.

Rest In Peace Hammo and Happy TRing              Gary Waite

At this stage because of the Covid restrictions the funeral will be by invitation only.
This may change on Sunday when an easing of some restrictions is expected.

Sapphire Coast Chapter - 11 Nov 20 Click to View

QLD 1st November - The first Sunday of the Month is always a Run from the Gold coast.

There was a good turn out of Triumphs from the TSOAQ & the TR Register. Firstly a short drive for coffee then, into the Magical Mystery touring drive to Tambourine for a picnic in the park. Tambourine Mountain is a jewel in the mountains West of the Gold Coast. It was a great day after the big storms in SE Queensland on the Saturday. We hope everyone survived that OK. It was good to see Rob & Judy out in the TR. All enjoyed the drive and the picnic in the park. It's going to be hard to go back to having lunch at a restaurant!

It's so easy to relax and have a chat and to right the wrongs of the world. Of course the Triumphs are always a focus of attention and a source of discussion.
Regards - Paul Bingham

The current Oct-Nov issue of "Sidescreen" has a critcal typo on the Centre Page headed SPARE PARTS NEWS

The following two pages in Sidescreen are the actual instructions sent out with the T660 Alternator Kit and they are correct.

President's car collection in 1988

TR2, 2500S and Morris Traveller

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