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Karl Zalk (South Aust) - TR3A
1960 model -
Engine # TS81215E

2013 - Karl's latest photos show the car in summer driving mode. If you scan down the page to the earlier photos,
you can detect the unique changes made to the car by an 80 year young owner over the years.
Note that Karl has all the parts available to return the car to standard TR3A specs.
Click the photos for a larger image.

This is the Zalks winter driving car!

The photo above was taken at the 2007 Port Macquarie Concours

Karl says...

The car has been discreetly but extensively modified. The body has been completely rebuilt following a rollover including a bare metal respray in 2 pack. All panel fits are now very good. The car is fitted with individual roll bars, harness, seat belts, hard 1/4 tonneau, and a custom made hood.

Other mods: Rack and pinion steering, Holden V8 radiator, oil cooler, TR4A spec engine, all-synchro overdrive gearbox, TR5 clutch, anti-scuttle shake braces. Leather rally seats, modified dash with additional instruments, woodrim steering wheel. Front anti-sway bar, lightweight all alloy sidescreens, electric fuel pump, period side lamps.

For the photos below:
Port Macquarie Concours 2007
Karl and Shirley at the Port Macquarie Concours 2007
Bendigo Concours 2006
Brisbane Concours 2005
Brisbane Concours 2005 showing the interesting interior & other detail.
The two photos below are shown full size and date from 2002