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Lesley & Tony Xerri (Victoria) - TR3A
December 1957 model
(originally exported to the U.S.)

At the Echuca Concours 2013

Showing the trophies won at the 2005 Brisbane Concours (1st Place in Road Class & 3rd in People's Choice)

The TR5 at Adelaide 2018 - Graeme White has provided a bit of interesting history: "This particular TR5 has a bit of history
belonging first to AMI’s Managing Director and was used for a new car road-test by several period motoring magazines."

Lesley & Tony purchased the car in 1997. At that stage it was painted BRG and was in poor condition. The car was restored to its original colour (Primrose Yellow) following a bare-metal respray. They were helped by Ian Cuss and Ray Mullins. In February 1998 the car was entered in "Triumph at Como" and was placed 3rd in the concours.
Heading home from Thredbo 2008
Port Macquarie Concours 2007
- getting ready
Port Macquarie Concours 2007 - on display
Port Macquarie Concours 2007
Lesley displays her expertise in
patchwork quilting
Port Macquarie Concours 2007
Port Macquarie Concours 2007 - Tony and Lesley on the way home.
Port Macquarie Concours 2007
Bendigo Concours 2006
Victorian TT 2006.
Lesley receives a token of appreciation after organising the Victorian TT 2006.
Victorian TT 2004

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