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Keith Williams - SA
TR3A - Powder Blue 1960 model Comm # TS 79179 Eng # 79412 E

2019 Update

Keith has added another TR to his collection:
"This the ex. Gary Johns, ex Merv Collin TR3A. Now registered & on the road, a great car to drive & lots of fun."

The Powder Blue 3A with "friends"

TR3A - White 1960 model Comm # TS 74874

Previous owners were Errol Parlor then Paul Rix.

Keith says:
"The car was formerly owned by a newly joined member Paul Rix of SA who recently passed away.

Paul only purchased the car around November last year (2013) at auction from a deceased estate, My understanding of the car history to date, is  that the car had been laid up in a shed for around 20 years. See the last registration label at the bottom of the page.
The motor appeared to be seized & Paul had started to pull the motor down. I have purchased the car basically as it was at auction with the motor partly dismantled & other minor components removed.

The body appears to be in reasonable sound condition & complete, with only a few missing parts:
* Rear spare wheel compartment cover & locks ·
* Lucas Rear tail light assemblies
* Side curtains "

2016 update: "SA’s TR Guru-Bob Anderson has done a magnificent job on the motor & gearbox rebuild for me.
The Motor has had a total rebuild, pistons, liners, camshaft, crankshaft, etc. including water pump, starter motor, generator, new fuel pump & carbies, new clutch & gearbox rebuilt with synchro on 1st to make the car more enjoyable to drive.

As you can see from the photos the engine bay is a little scruffy. I am currently stripping the engine bay ready for a repaint before the motor & gearbox is transplanted into the car."