What is it?

Photos and details courtesy of Stephen Rochester (Tasmania)

"After having finished another Targa I thought this photo may be worth a mini competition on the web site.
The background is this:
While we managed to complete all stages for the fourth year in a row (remarkable for a TR3A) it was not without some problems.
The tube sticking out of the rear of the bonnet was the improvised solution and the challenge would be to guess what the problem was?"

A bottle of Tasmanian Pinot Noir for the first:
correct; nearest to correct;
or perhaps the most creative answer ,
deliverable at the TR Concours in Tasmania

To ENTER send your suggestion to STEPHEN

Only ONE answer so far (and the current leader) - that's pathetic.
Wake up out there ... have a go!

Here are some suggestions to stimulate you from the warped mind of the webmaster: (you can't use these)

  1. a strange type of windscreen washer powered by Ginetta squeezing a bottle of water?
  2. a tube for sensitive bladders but on reflection I realise it is not on your side of the car and the tube diameter is a trifle small and somewhat awkward to get at!
  3. if green water comes out of the tube - the radiator is boiling.
  4. if red stuff comes out you may have produced some road kill.
  5. if paint starts coming off, it may be escaping brake fluid
  6. it is something from a heroin injecting centre (?)
  7. it is actually an emergency bonnet release when you can't find any wire to run through the bonnet vent..
  8. sucking on it advances the spark - blowing in it retards the spark.
  9. it is a cheap "blower" for extra engine boost.
  10. it is a cheap "sucker" for increased brake boost?

You don't have to be going to Tassie to get the prize - either someone will bring it back for you OR as an alternative I will run a photo of you and /or your car on the front page of the web as "The Winner" - that opens it to OVERSEAS entrants!