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Allan Wettenhall (VIC) TR3A
1960 model
- TS 71194

Allan purchased the car from Ian Meates in May 2014. This car was a former Victoria Police vehicle - previous registration HEK101 Used by the Victoria Police from June 1960 to Sept 1960 for highway patrol as researched and previously owned by Ian Meates.

Allan has fitted a new set of wire wheels and has some new mechanical parts ready to install

The photos and details below were researched by Ian Meates.

These photos were taken when it was a Victorian Police car. The first was when it was just placed in service and you can see the siren fitted behind the grille and the badges fitted. No other equipment was fitted. The second photo was taken outside the Bendigo Police Station in 1960. The car was painted Powder Blue.

The car was purchased in June 1960 and disposed of in September 1960 after having traveled just over 5000 miles. It was trialed at the time Victoria Police were using many Triumph motor cycles and was used on the Calder Highway Patrol from Melbourne to Bendigo and driven by First Constable Jack Brauman. Unfortunately the car was considered too small and the truck drivers continually complained they could not see it, so it was sold.

Subsequent owners were Magistrates Darcy Dugan and Ronald Crisp. Mr. Crisp sold it to Geoffrey Graham of Eaglemont in Melbourne in 1989 who in turn sold it to Max Floreani of Bendigo. At that time the car was painted yellow but still had the hard top and original engine. Max has restored it up to 80% and I purchased it from him in Easter 2001. Ian restored to the condition it was in when a Police car. (from Ian Meates)