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Stuart West (VIC) TR3A, TR2 &    TR3
TR3A: 1959
Commission # TS 42374 O
Body shell no. 1017496  Build date: 13/1/59
TR2: 1955
TS7118 O
TR3A at Echuca 2013

Previously owned by Brian Love. It is believed to have been delivered new to SA.
Stuart's most recent project

Finished !

The start of the project.
Chassis exposed ...
... revealing some unpleasant damage.
The front apron was a bit of a disaster area!
Chassis undergoing repair.
Chassis restored and two-packed.
Rolling chassis with the mechanicals in place.
The body - ready for restoration.
Body is painted ...
... and going back onto the chassis.
The rear end - almost complete.
Progress as at April 2009.