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Bob & Cherryle Watters - QLD
TR3 - 1957 model TS16846L ("Walter")

"Walter" in his new home state of Queensland.

"Walter" when he was owned by Alan Stehr - NSW.

And this was Bob & Cherryle's previous car - TR2 - 1955 model TS5318 O ("Rumpole")

"Rumpole" (as he was affectionately known) at Port Macquarie in 2007 with Cherryle at the wheel.

And this is Cherryle's TR4

Bob and Cherryle at the Tumut Concours 2008
Port Macquarie Concours 2007 ("pith" heads - see below, and 50s theme)
Port Macquarie Concours 2007, Bob & Cherryle head for home.
Bob and some other reprobates at the
Bendigo Concours 2006
Brisbane Concours 2005 - Rumpole
formally attired.
Brisbane Concours 2005 with Bill Piggott
Rumpole with his current owner and
2 previous owners (Peter Kleineberg right).
Chest puffing competition at the
Qld. TT May 2003
Bob adjust his "tackle" or something (!)
at the Qld. TT May 2003
Qld. Tenterfield Tour 2006

Bob says:
Before 1994 the car was owned by Peter Kleineberg who raced it at Historic meetings for some years. The unknown new owner crashed the car in '94 and Peter believed it was a write off.
I purchased the (now) repaired car in 1998 and uses it on a regular basis. It has covered 22000 miles including the 2001 Tassie TT, 2002 Winter NSW TT and 2003 Autumn Qld TT.

The car still has the original racing suspension set-up with lowered springs, panhard rod and sway bar but has the original engine in standard spec.

Commission number TS 5318 O, Australian delivered car, originally pearl white with blackberry leather trim, hood and side curtains, wire wheels and overdrive. The car has a factory hardtop.
Build date Thursday 20th January 1955."

Lakeside in 1991 with Peter Kleineberg at the
wheel, the car raced in SA class and Peter was
a keen competitor racing at Eastern Creek and
also Phillip Island. Incidentially he is still racing mainly in a Datsun 240Z but I think he still
owns a TR3 with a special racing body.
Bob's favourite photo of his car...
"I just like this picture."
Bob & Ian Cuss re-enacting the
Jebbeke record run on the 50th anniversary.