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Ian & Susie Wall - NSW
TR3A - 1960 model Comm # TS 82004 O


Ian says: "I purchased the TR from Graeme Kane. Graeme organised the fitting of new chrome spoke rims and a factory metal hardtop.

I have done a lot of work to get it right and drivable. I have removed the rear horizontal shocks and radius rods as well as the panhard rod.

The car handles much better now with the fitting of new standard shocks. I have adjusted the front suspension to remove the side loading on the drop arms and trunion bearings. So the now car steers better.

New upper control arm bushes and a new right top ball joint have been replaced. The capillary temp gauge wasn't working and has now been repaired by Howards instruments and refitted. The resultant blown head gasket has been replaced, the head has been crack checked and machined slightly, also valves reseated.

A new volvo crossflow radiator fitted with repairs done to the leaking header tank plus a new radiator pressure cap. A new high flow 170°F thermostat and a new water pump also fitted. Also a new vacuum advance unit fitted.

I purchased new ADR approved leather seats with removable headrests, and fitted these. Susies seat has a heater fitted. I have purchased and fitted new sidescreens. I have also purchased a second hand heater which I will fit at a later date. I will also move the inertia seat belts to the wheel arch instead on the rear 'seat' area at a later date."


"Maggie" requesting a ride (or a feed!)