A Helping Hand Story!

This one was contributed by Mark Stuckey who explains it all:

"Today, on the National Meeting Tasmania Tour, I came across Ian Wall, broken down just outside Coles Bay.

So, ‘who is the young fellow in the hat?’, I hear you ask.

That is Jonah, a diesel engineer from Cecil Plains up in Queensland. Jonah had a few weeks leave up his sleeve so packed his car and took off for a look around the country. When he saw Ian’s bonnet up, Jonah stopped to see if he could help and had his test gear out to help Ian hunt down the spark which had gone AWOL. He hung in until Ian’s car was running again, after which it was a real pleasure to have a coffee with him and learn a little about him. Cecil Plains can be proud.

Ian did a little on-line search and discovered another string to Jonah's bow - check this LINK

Many thanks Jonah from members of the TR Register Australia.