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Updated 28 Oct 2020

Some videos to keep you occupied:

Have a look at these Petrol Head Videos:

UK YouTuber Steve Denton    

Triumph TR4 Restoration   

Triumph TR3B Restoration

If you can't get out to drive your TR: Drive with Miles Stiler
If you liked that ride: TRy another with Miles!  &    Why we drive them!

TR3A 1960 - Test drive     

 A Triumph TR3A to Warm Up a Cold Morning   

TR4 (TRS) - 1961 Le Mans 24hrs  

GP Racing Longford Tas 1964

TR4 (TRS) - 1961 Le Mans 24hrs)

You've must have a look at this next video - link sent in by Graeme White.
Next best thing to actually being in the Triumph - sound up full bore! And watch the Vitesse keep them all honest

Kastner Cup 2020 - The Return To Mid Ohio