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Peter Verras (Vic) TR3A
1960 model
- Commission # TS 79547 0

"I bought this car in Melbourne in September 1967. It was my daily drive until about the mid 1970s by which time I had other cars as well and it was not used much until it was last registered and driven in 1979.
For its first 3 years with me it was located in Geelong, after which I moved to Melbourne.It was first registered in December 1960 in Victoria, and from memory it had 3 owners before me.
It has done approximately 250,000 km, has wire wheels, overdrive and a factory steel hardtop. The previous owner installed an electric fuel pump, and moved the battery to the back of the car to install a heater in the battery box. The engine has oversize sleeves, and a TR4 head, the latter installed by me after the original head cracked following replacement of a valve guide (not by me). I installed the woodrim steering wheel,otherwise it is in original condition, including the trim,soft top and tonneau, and the original Victorian registration number HHA-957 is reserved. I have now received the Heritage Certificate which shows that my car is as manufactured in terms of engine number, colour, trim and other equipment.  It was built in August 1960 for export, and shipped from Liverpool on September 2 1960, destination Standard Cars, Melbourne. Despite several tempting offers to buy it over the years, I have never been able to part with it. It has been in the garage until now waiting for me to find time to restore it,
I hope to do this over the next couple of years".