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This page was created in response to a "stir" from Bob Watters, who wanted to know why there was a Powder Blue Clube but not a Two Tone Club.
Well - here it is ...   Two Tone Club
A new member of the TTC:
Peter McEwan - ACT    (Mind you - we will have to strike him off if he ever removes the hardtop!)

John Pike TR3A

This was how John Pike purchased his car in 1960 - he says "the car was bought in early 1960. It was a demonstrator for Diesel Motors Sydney. The car had a broad white stripe along it, and was "competition modified". In my hands only quarter mile sprints were undertaken, plus timed runs down Conrod Straight at Bathurst. Best results were 16.9 seconds for the quarter, and 127 mph at Bathurst".


Below is John's recreation of the TR of his youth - faithfully replicating the paintwork on his original car.

Bob Watters TR3 QLD (founding member of the Two Tone Club)

Now residing in Queensland but previously owned by Alan Stehr

Mal Munro TR3A
This was the car as owned by Mychael Carr

This is Mal's other 2 Tone TR3A - seems he is collecting them.

Wes Dayton's TR3A (NSW)
Geoff Bills TR3A (SA)

I guess I will have to add other Two Tone cars to this page if you contact me with a pic.






























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