TRS and the Doug Whiteford TR2 at Revington.

Photo coutesy of Mark Hoble - copyright remains with Mark Hoble
and the photo may not be reproduced without his permission.

Recent correspondence with Viv Paine revealed some interesting news on the ex Doug Whiteford TR2.
Viv tells the story:

"Geoff Kelly and I are having an interesting time supporting the London owner of the famous ex Doug Whiteford TR2 in his preparations for Classic LeMans in July. The car has just come out of a full Neil Revington rebuild, and is due for a shakedown run at Mallory Park on May 26. This year the Classic is dedicated to all the factory Triumphs that raced there, and the 200mph TR8 which was the last factory car, is also being rebuilt to compete. The TR2 was fortunate to get an entry being from Oz, as there were 1000 nominations, but only 400 cars accepted, so it's fingers crossed that it does well, notwithstanding the front drum brakes !!.

Regarding the Doug Whiteford car, the photo above came from London recently showing it near the end of its full rebuild at Revington TR. Interestingly, next to it is the one remaining TRS in the UK, with the other three being long term residents of the US. Charles Runyan at The Roadster Factory in Pa has two that a friend from the UK saw three weeks back while on a trip to the US. The other is in the hands of a widow in the Arizona desert who is said to pull a shotgun on anyone who calls by trying to buy it. Charles has three Sabrina engines, all in bits, and his one operational TRS runs a TR4 engine.

The London owner of the Whiteford car, Mark Hoble, also races a red hot Morgan Plus 4.

Mark actually found out what I knew many years back when I helped Peter Carr rebuild that TR2 and paint it BRG; that the chassis was all over the place; and that consequently,handling suffered. Thus the trip down to Revingtons for a straighten up. I have been in contact with John Pinchen, who brought it off Whiteford, and who was until recently a Register member. John has very kindly lent me his keepsake photo's of its illustrious career at Albert Park so I can get copies made for Mark Hoble for an A board for Classic Le Mans on July 11/12/13, showing its Oz racing history. If you have read Graeme White's book, it's all spelt out there."

Thanks very much for that contribution Mark and Viv.

Update 1:
Mallory Park on the Monday, May 26 Bank Holiday.
The ex Doug Whiteford TR2 having its first outing in the UK.

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Photo © Kevin Rochfort - contact Kevin at email & website

"Owner/Driver Mark Hoble appears to be catching the group of cars up ahead at a fast clip, and eventually lapped the field. However, this was only the first time that Mark had driven the car, and it was just a shake down run. The handling and brakes after its Revington rebuild were great, and the search is now on for more power before its next run at Silverstone later in the month in readiness for Classic Le Mans in July." Viv Paine

Update 2:
TR Register (Aust) Member Bernard Doherty sent this additional photo report.

" I was at Revingtons in early June and saw the S being tested on the rolling road for Classic LeMans. The Australian TR2 was next to it and here are some engine bay shots of the TR2." Bernard Doherty

Under the engine bay of the ex. Doug Whiteford TR2
Update 3:
Owner Driver Mark Hoble has sent this additional photo (via Viv Paine).

" Here's a picture of the TR2 in action.  I raced at Silverstone on Sunday as part of a pre-Le Mans shake down and had a great time - the car has been retuned since Mallory so my laps times were decent.  I had that Alfa on my rear for the full 30 minutes of the race. " Mark Hoble

TR2 at Silverstone
Update 4:
Viv Paine has sent this report on Mark's recent achievement.
Photo below © Kevin Rochfort - contact Kevin at email & website


"It has now been confirmed that Londoner, and TR Register UK member Mark Hoble, has taken the Index of Performance win in the Grid 2 field of 69 cars at Classic Le Mans last weekend. This is truly an incredible result considering his opposition consisted of C & D Type Jags, Maserati's A6GCS, 150S and 300S, Aston Martin DB3S and FI Talbot Lago's. Mark finished in around 21st or 22nd position outright over the three day and night races, which in itself is an amazing feat. The Neil Revington prepared TR2 ran like a dream all weekend, although Mark's pit crew noticed some pretty hot brake drums, but overlooked telling him so he wouldn't worry, and could concentrate on driving.

Mark of course was very astute in selecting the TR2 for this event, as various aspects of its specification, including that it only had drum brakes, was a telling factor in giving him a chance,  providing the car was up to it.

So once again the Whiteford TR2 is a hero car, and will no doubt feature in many magazine stories. First up it is going on the Revington TR stand at the TRR UK's International Weekend coming up on July 20/21st. (Equivalent to our Concours). Shades of 1955 all over again when Doug Whiteford won the Moomba TT over 100 miles at Albert Park Lake, also unexpectedly and against great odds, with the resultant publicity credited with putting the TR marque on the map in Australia in terms of car orders that followed."
Viv Paine

TR2 at Classic Le Mans
Photo © Kevin Rochfort - contact Kevin at email & website