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Neil Tribe (NSW)

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Neil's TR3A has been sold - but he still gets some motor sport in an MX5

"Neil Tribe exercising his 1999 MX5 in the NSW MX5 Club Track Sprints. Closely pursued by Michael De Maio.

Venue is Wakefield Park and Turn 2 is shown which is taken around 90kph. Around 80 cars compete and are divided into 6 categories according to times. Cat 1 are the fastest and are mostly turbo charged, stripped out full-on race cars. I normally run Cat 4 but have ambitions for Cat 3. My car is road registered and driven to and from the track. It is lightly modified. There is a Cat 7 for beginners.

The MX5 Club runs regular training days for those wanting to try motor sport. Note that the MX5 is the most raced car in the world. There are quite a few women racing in the club and they are found across all categories and age groups.

We compete interstate 2 or 3 times per year usually in Victoria.

There are about 6 sprint days annually using a variety of tracks plus super sprints, relays, skid pan and hill climbs. Its all great fun and lots of retirees do it."

Neil Tribe (July 2018)