More Storage for TRs!

Photo and details courtesy of David Ferguson.

I originally wrote this for the TCCV magazine.

This might be of interest to Triumph owners. We live on a small block of land and can fortunately store 2 cars in the garage and 2 cars under the deck - effectively a carport. The problem is that under the deck is not a great place for a classic car, even when covered with a car cover.

We looked for better options such as building in under the deck but that would make rooms much darker, clear plastic café blinds, etc. Then we saw a car stacker holding a couple of Porsches!!! After quite an extensive search and a few emails, we found a supplier in Tullamarine, thanks to Terry Roche (TCCV).

Car stackers made in USA seem to be about $4500 to $5000 plus installation. There are 2 main brands made in USA it seems. They are not easy to source here, although Bursons is an agent. The Radum brand is designed in Australia and made in China. It complies with Australian Standards. Terry has been happy with his for 5 years and the clincher for us was that the storage place we use near Melbourne Airport when we travel, has a bank of about 12 of them. They use them all day every day with no issues.

We installed a 4 post hoist last Saturday morning- it took 3.5 hours- just 2 of us. We used an engine lifter and a magnet from work to lift the runways- one of them weighs about 250kg!!!. The rest can be lifted easily. The instructions are straight forward and relatively accurate (albeit written in Chinglish). The kit includes everything- all the nuts and bolts, dynabolts, electric motor, etc. The price of this model is about $3200.

I am happy to answer any questions you have. Check out the website Now we can get 3 cars in the garage and 2 under the deck. We have a spare spot for another classic but don’t tell Jenny!

(The reason for the TR6 being on top - it is house trained and the TR3A still has a need to mark its territory!!!! There are drip trays included with the hoist which catch most drips!)

David and Jenny Ferguson