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Making a Reproduction Temperature Gauge
By Bernard Doherty 23 June 2008
This article is provided for your personal use - Copyright remains with Bernard Doherty.
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Here are the steps invoolved in modifying a TR Register (Aust) temperature gauge:

  • Purchase one of the new temp gauges from the Register.
  • Purchase a domed glass from the Register.
  • Purchase a new chrome rim from Revington.
    • Revington have the wrong number listed for the chrome bezel on their web site.
      The correct number to order the bezel is 106964BEZ.
  • Obtain a re-pro dial: I recreated the dial on my computer.
    • The gauge operates right to left when turned upside down, (TR left to right) so it was necessary to transpose the 90 and the 230 markings.
    • I think a blind man on a galloping horse would never spot the difference!!
    • The dial took me many hours to get to look close to right so I will sell for them $20 a piece.
    • The total cost was about $50.00 to me so if someone wants one made I suppose I would look at about $75.00. (depending on post for the chrome rims )

The process:-

  • Using a jewellers saw or high speed rotatory thin cutter on a Dremel like tool, the existing bezel is cut through and the existing glass and bezel is discarded.
  • The dial of the existing new gauge is glued on to its back mounting with instant glue.
  • The needle stop pin is removed from the dial along with the dial securing screws, (after gluing.)
  • The new dial is glued over the existing.
  • One mm is cut from the white glass support and the case rim is reduced by the same amount to take the new chrome bezel.
  • The white glass support is coloured inside with a black permanent marker.
  • Using a jewellers saw, I cut rectangular holed in the side of the new gauge, each side at 20 x 6mm and fitted a hard plastic liner inside the case to allow for the dash lights.( I used the plastic form a box of ink jet photo paper)
  • Because the glass does not have the correct edge shape it is then a difficult squeeze to fit the glass and bezel and secure by bending over the three tabs.

I could most likely do the same trick on the ampere gauges the Register is selling.

Thanks Bernard - if you would like to contact Bernard try -