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Why Do Left Hand Bends Stink?

A common dilemma after having filled up the TR, every left hand bend was quickly followed by the stench of petrol which had exited the breather on the RHS of the tank and left a trail of valuable fuel on the road.

The cost of fuel is one thing but the stench which envelopes the occupants is intolerable. How many TR owners might have put up with this over the last 50 or so years one might wonder?

As with many things Triumph, one could ask why did they not put a check valve in the breather so air can get in but fuel can not get out?

Maybe this is the answer:
You can access the breather from the boot using a 7/8AF spanner, Remove and drill down the middle 21/64”. That just happens to be right for the plastic beads that are available. Adjust to suit what you can find.

Most haberdasheries will have packets of beads, so pick ones with the least amount of colour and test in petrol before proceeding.

Put a small dab of Araldite in the hole to seal it. There is no need to fill the hole, just seal it.

Use a chisel to burr over the hole and prevent the ball escaping. Refit to tank using some grease to stick the sealing washer to the Banjo. You will have to clean up the thread again but a ½” UNF-20TPI die will do it.

Breathe fresh air again on left hand bends.        Cheers Rob