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Peter Standen (VIC)
TR3A - 1960 model
               TR4 - 1964 model
Commission # TS78470 O                                                Commission # CT 30804 LO

Peter's other Triumph is this 1964 TR4 shown here at Eddington Sprints 2016

Peter bought the car in Dec 1982. The car had been damaged and was bought in bits and restored over the next two years. Registered in Oct 1984 (CHO255). The car was off the road for two years (1996 - 8) but was restored again for the 1999 Concourse - body repainted, seats recovered and suspension and steering rebuilt. 2001 - new carpets fitted. The previous owner was Chris Read of Frankston VIC.

Margaret & the TR taken in Canberra 2014

Taken at the Colbinabbin pub where a group of Triumph owners have a lunch on a monthly basis
here in the Central Victorian area. The TR’s in the Colbinabbin photo belong to (from left) Ian Lyell, me and Tom Rowe, the Jaguar to Geoff and the Spitfire to Andy Ansell.

Taken at the Eddington Sprints 2016. Peter is on the organising committee.  This is a quarter mile sprint in the old tradition held on the main road heading out of Eddington (about half way between Bendigo and Maryborough) for the last 34 years on the last Saturday in March.

Taken at the Eddington Sprints 2015. The 2 sidescreen cars running were David Orchard in the TR2 and Mike Heaton in the TR3A, but sadly none ran in 2016.
At Port Macquarie concours 2007
Port Macquarie concours 2007
Bendigo Concours 2006
The 2 photos below are FULL SIZE and early poor quality images. They were taken circa. 2001