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Graeme & Tom Smith QLD
TR3A - Comm No: TS 80619    1960 model


With the help of Carole Lovett and John Pike, a general history as we know of TS 80 619 is:

  • Originally TS 80619 was delivered to Standard Cars, Sydney after leaving Liverpool (UK) on 10/10/1960 as a Red-on-Red car. Otherwise the history of the car prior to 10/2/1966 remains unknown, and anyone able to provide information on a TR3A with registration CXS289 would be greatly appreciated.
  • Les and Carole Lovett bought the car on 10/2/1966 from Geoghan and Sons on Paramatta road, which became a part of their family over the next 25 years or so with the registration LG687. The car was such a big part of their lives that Carole kept these plates for her car. In its time with the Lovetts, TS 80619 had an interesting life, with weekend Trips to Queensland and even a venture to Ayers Rock and across the Nullabor. Les had the body off in the mid-seventies, when the car had a complete re-spray. A Royal Australian navy engineer, Les also organised some cylinder head work by Laurie Oxenford, a well-known Jaguar tuning specialist in Sydney, had the camshaft reground to a 35/70 profile by Waggotts and increased the piston/liner size to 87mm. Unfortunately, the car went off the road in the early 80’s and with a downturn in Les’ health, LG687 never made it back on the road and Les’ planned second restoration never came to fruition.
  • The car was then sold to Alan Samble, an MG enthusiast, sometime in 2003, on the condition that it would either be restored or sold on as a package so that Les’ pride and joy would not be lost. Alan purchased some parts from the UK but lost time due to some ill health in the family.
  • A Mr Johnson bought the car sometime in 2011, and having had it for about 2 years without making many in-roads sold the car onto us in March 2013.
Recent restoration photos (from Nov 2014)
Previous restoration photos below:
The photo below shows the car when owned by Les and Carole Lovett who enjoyed the car for 25 years.
It is shown outside a church prior to his daughter's wedding in the mid-seventies

As advertised before we purchased it in March 2013

Prior to starting any bodywork

TS 80619 celebrated its 53rd birthday with some new floors and inner sills

The most recent picture of TS 80619. Slowly working our way around from the back right corner,
building the car around the doors and trying to fit the panels as best as we can.

My son, Tom, and I are currently in the process of completing the challenging but rewarding task of restoring TS 80619. We are still in the body repair phase, having completed most rust repairs such as replacing the floors, inner sills, outer sills, battery box as well as fabricating pieces as required.

Any remaining time is spend accruing parts and knowledge for the mechanical aspects of the car.

More to follow as the restoration proceeds.