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Ken Slingsby (VIC)
TR3A    1959 model
- Commission # TS 52641

"As with all classic cars there is an element of risk when buying one. Although she soon became our pride and joy, we did suffer the negative side of purchasing. We were told prior to picking her up that she had a minor oil leak and was mechanically perfect, just needing a tune. We soon discovered that the oil leak was major concern and the head needed a rebuild. The ‘minor tune’ ended up costing a few thousand dollars. We were lucky we had an honest friend in Geoff Kelly to get her back purring as she should. She is home now all polished with a new set of wire wheels and looking great. "   (as a result of a chance viewing of this page by UK resident and previous owner Chris Webb, Ken has been given a lot of the early history of the car SEE BELOW with some original UK photos)

The photos below were taken at the Colac Custom Car show on the 18th Jan 2014


I have been lucky enough to be contacted by one of the previous owners of my TR, Chris Webb, who purchased the car in England in 1975 and kept her till 1992.  Chris has been able to tell a great deal of the history of my car.

She was first registered in England on the 24th of June 1959, bearing the number plate EBA 22 and was originally coloured light blue.  Chris was the fifth owner purchasing the car from his friend Allan Legg for 100 pounds and an Austin Healey Frog Eye Sprite.  It came with a number of spare parts and an original Triumph Workshop Manual. (Still with the car with Chris’s handwriting in it!)  The registration papers listed the original owner as Reginald PIGREM of Romford, the second owner was Joan Chamberlain of Kent and the third being Barry Scott of Cotham, who then sold it to Allan Legg. 

When Chris purchased the car it was fitted with a Vanguard engine.  Around 1980 this motor demolished a piston and broke the crankshaft.  Chris reconditioned a correct TS block which is still fitted to her today.  In 1986 she was re-sprayed red. (Renault Rouge Tolede.) 

In 1988 Chris immigrated to Perth and brought the TR with him.  The U.K. registration EBA 22 was sold to pay for the shipping and she was re-registered EBW 401A for the remainder of the short time she was in that country.  On arrival at Perth she was again re-registered with the Western Australia number plate 7NO216.  In 1992 Chris decided to return to Great Britain and sold her to Rod Elliott who lived locally.

In 2000 the car was purchased by Alex McQueen who transported her from Perth to Victoria where he began a restoration that was finally completed in Merimbula, NSW in 2002.  During Alex’s ownership she had two different registration numbers. Concessional registration with SCHVC and then Historic registration 20494H.    I purchased her from Alex in 2013 and she is now on Victorian Club Registration.

The Photos below show the car as owned by Chris Webb in the UK