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Bob Slender - 1960 TR3A - NSW
Commission No. - TS81752

Bob is a Life Member of the TR Register and has owned his TR3A since new!

This pic was taken at the 2007 Concours at Port Macquarie

Car build date - Dec 1960
Bob bought the car brand new in March 1961 from Triumph dealer Harvey Drew - Bankstown NSW for £1490.
The car has never been unregistered.
Restoration work was carried out in 1986.

Current specs. are as new - ie.-
• white hood and tonneau
• wire wheels
• red trim with white piping.

Bob and Rhonda at the 2008 Concours - Thredbo
This is Bob's "Derivative" TR!

A very attractive car in red!
Taken at Thredbo 2008 (Mike Ford photo)
Rhonda (left) with friends at Thredbo 2008
(Renate Polglaze photo)
At the Tasman Revival meet - Eastern Creek
November 2008
Mid-week run August 2008
Port Macquarie Concours 2007
Port Macquarie Concours 2007
Taken on a mid-week run - April 2007
An unusual viw taken on the March TT
to Victoria 2006
An infamous photo (!) - with Bob leading
Rick & Tony astray during a rum drinking
marathon. (2004 TT, Bright Vic)
Earlier photos below are lower resolution digital images - qulaity is not so good.
Bob enjoying the cruise on the Paddleboat Pyap
Bob & Rhonda - Tour leaders for the 2002
TR TouR of South Eastern Australia
Tumut Concours 1998
Here we see Bob indulging in another hobby - Railways ....
... however, it can lead to some interesting results.
(RED ARROW) is on the footplate of the loco
which has just started a grass fire!
In the Victorian Alps 1994 following the Concours in Bright
The pic below was taken at the 2001 Concours in Canberra & is shown Full Size