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Phil Shaw (QLD) TR3A
1958 model
- Commission # TS27394 O

The car has remained in a shed at Oxley in Brisbane since 1980. The owner Stuart Paterson drove the car around the block once a year, except in his words, "when he forgot". Stuart purchased the car from someone in Victoria in the late 70s.

Being an ex TR3 and then a TR3A owner from the 60s, I have had a "gentlemen's agreement" to buy the car from Stuart since 1982 and this purchase actually happened in September 2003. The car was originally powder blue, however the car was subsequently painted white by the Victorian owner. The rest of the car under the bonnet etc was painted black. Mechanically the car is very sound with very little use so I decided to clean the car up a bit.

With the help of our TR "Doctor" and register member Eric Carter, the "clean up" has included massive de-leading of most of the panels, removal of fibreglass repair patches over the extensive internal rust, removal of the rusty panels and replacement of new manufactured ones. Full body off chassis restoration including straightening of the chassis and on to the paint shop
for a 2 pack paint job in "Old English White". The car will return for final assembly work to be completed at home over the next few months. (Feb 04)

See the NEXT INSTALMENT of Photos (July 06)

3, 4
As purchased in September 2003
5, 6
Photos 5 to 10: Initial body repair work by Eric Carter prior to removal from the chassis
7 8
9 10