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Simon Scillio (VIC) - Australian Assembled TR3
1956 model -
Commission # DTR 8865     Eng # TS9797 E

Simon has provided the following information:
" I purchased the car on 26-3-2010 from John Friedrichs in Geelong Vic in a disassembled state.

I believe John purchased it from Ian Begley. An extensive body off restoration has taken place over the last seven years, including full engine rebuild, full body rebuild, and chassis restoration.
I would like to acknowledge the help I have received from Mike Heaton & Geoff Kelly.

I am very happy to say the TR is now back on the road! "

The photos below trace the history of the restoration:
The FINISHED PRODUCT: another rare Australian assembled TR3 is back on the road and looking spectacular!
Firstly the mechanical bits and the chassis
Crankshaft crack tested & ground and oil passages cleaned.
Engine block cleaned and machined with new pistons, liners, bearings etc fitted
Rebuilt engine back in restored chassis.
Temporary setup for testing the engine.
Then the body:
Body on rotisserie for restoration and all rust to be removed.
New bulkhead welded in to replace original rusty one.
Rear wing rust repair tack welded in position.
Body back on chassis to fit the doors.
New sills and lower front quarter panels tacked in place prior to final welding.
Putting it all back together:
The body is back from paint shop, and parts are going back on.
New wiring loom going in.
And ... nearly there!