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Les & Brenda Richards - QLD
TR2 - 1954 model Comm # TS 4008

Prior History:
Originally believed to be light blue (although Birth Cert. indicates original colour was BRG with brown leather trim).
The first owner recorded by the Register was Evan Quarmby in NSW. It then went to an unknown owner (possibly Bruce Eddy - see below) in Victoria for 20 years with rego number GTR 200. This car is the 7th "short door" car made (being better able to clear kerbing).

Les describes the history of TS4008

I brought "Ruby" (my wife Brenda named her that) from Mr Wayne Skinner of Mooroopna Vic (near Shepparton) in November 2013. Registration then was GTR200. Mr Skinner brought Ruby from a Mr Bruce Eddy of Shepparton in Jan 2001. That’s as far back as I can go as Mr Eddy has since passed away.

The original birth certificate states TS4008 was produced on Wed 28th Sept 1954. She came as BRGreen, brown interior with fawn hood & side curtains. The extras included wire wheels and OD on 1st gear.

The poor old girl has gone through a "lot” including owners (some cared & some probably raced her) and changes. At some time she was light blue as there is evidence of that under the bonnet but as you can see she is now white with a red interior.

Since we have had her we have redone the interior, new tonneau cover and a new hood with side screens. I have reconditioned the front end thanks to the TR Register for parts. We have fitted new tyres and new wire wheels. We have also touched up the rough bits of the paint as well.