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How Members help to PROMOTE our Club and our Cars

This is Sean Blazey's TR3A "B3RNI3" which had an exciting start to the year by featuring
in the 2018 Sydney Mardi Gras on the T-Dance float. Viewed by lots of people


Here is Jack & Evie outside the Candelo Pub ...maybe future Triumph owners?

Please Note: Parents of children shown in these photos have given the club permission before the images were included.

Here is Harrison outside Tathra Pub - he was mad keen to hop in ...

... and once in, he was keen to have a go. We need to start them young!

Submitted by Jack Gault - 18 May 2016

Here's a photo of the TR3A of David Thomson (ACT) taken by Jack Gault when he and other Register members displayed their cars at
"Wheels" in Canberra (15 May 2016
)           Jack says David is ready for a change in the weather.

I don't expect David set out to promote the club - but I think this effort will do the job anyway!

David is, of course, a respected member of the "Powder Blue Club"

Submitted by Sapphire Coast Chapter President Bob Watters - May 2016

Here's Sapphire Coast Chapter President Rick Fletcher and Shirley (aged 88) after going for a spin in Bluey. Shirley is a "car girl" who owns a 1967 Falcon Ute which was a major prize winner at the Deniliquin Ute Muster.

Shirley was celebrating Mothers Day with her children but was more interested in the TR than the coffee and cake so Rick made her day by taking her for a ride. However she was heard to comment later that she wished Rick had put the foot down.

Rick: "Well I can't seem to attract any younger members to the Regsiter so I think I'll try for the seniors!" (at least they appreciate our cars).

By the way - here's Bob doing his share on the recent River Run with Betty Walton age 93.

OK - you win Bob but here is a challenge to all members:
"Who can send in a photo with the most senior (ie. oldest) passenger in a sidescreen TR" (93 to beat)

Not so fast - Rob Bradford has sent in a photo of his mum (93) taken in his TR3A in 2014. Rob says "She is now too frail to do the same again."
So it's still 93 to beat!

Here is another member PROMOTING the CLUB.
Bernard Doherty (VIC) did his bit by helping in the SIDS & Kids
Red Nose Day Friday 27th June 2014
Bill Revill says: "With our Triumphs in the Hunter group, when we go on runs we often meet at a Maccas - where there are lots of kids, parents and grannies on a Sunday morning. We invite kids to sit in the cars (No kid can resist the offer ... "want to sit in a racing car?")
And the parents and grandparents chat, take photos and say "... nice MG..." and we smile. And correct them!"
Bob Watters does his bit by encouraging his grandson and mates! L to R - Zane, Charlie and Mavrick
Bob Watters again - "Take your car camping and show it off to the Grey Nomads.
We had so many comments like 'gee you really look after that MG mate' that it got to be funny.
Now we have to start doing something with the new car."
Room for what YOU did to promote the Register here!
Earlier efforts include:
Adams "Round Oz"

NZ Tour 2013
Farewell dinner with the TR Register NZ (Southland)

Western Australia Tour 2007