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Neville & Susan Powell (QLD) TR3A - 1960 model
Commission No. - TS
43660 L O

The photo above was taken at the Port Macquarie Concours 2007
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The photos below were taken at the National Concours - Bendigo 2006
Neville & Susan at the Concours
A neat little modification Neville has made to kill some of the wind blasting past the deflectors.
The photos below were taken at Macleans Bridge & the Ginger Factory in May 2003

Here is the Birth certificate information extracted from the production records of The Standard Motor Company Limited.
It appears that the car must have been built to a special order considering the list of non-standard options.

Standard Register
Commission No:
TS 43,660L'O'
Type: TR3
Building Date: Thursday 3rd February 1959. 3:30 PM
Body Shell No: 1048799
Tyre Size: 590
Body Colour: Signal Red
Trim Colour & Type: Black leather
Hood/Side Curtains Colour: Black/Black
Delivery Destination: USA

Other Specifications and Equipment:

L Lefthand Drive
M Imperial Calibrated Instruments
X Export Build Specifications
.h Heater
Wire Wire Wheels
'O' Overdrive
ORS Occasional Rear Seats
AS Adjustable steering
4:1 4:1 Axle Ratio
HT (Sunset Red) Hardtop
TC (Black) Tonneau Cover

In 1987/88 David Markich purchased a collection of cars comprising one 1954 Corvette and three TRs. from an old gentleman in 'Black Hills', Washington State, USA.
One of the TRs (TS 43,660L'O') he had owned and driven from 1959 travelling 25,200 miles until 1963 when at this time the car had sustained damage to the front right corner and was stored under cover and never driven again until rescued by David.
The two other TRs had been stored under the same cover at a later time; obviously the owner could afford to purchase cars but could not be bothered repairing them.
David and Joe Markich imported the cars from USA to their Triumph agency in Perth.
TS 43,660L'O' received a body off restoration and was registered for club use only, in 1995 (approx).
The car then remained as part of Joe's cherished car collection, travelling only another couple of hundred miles until he reluctantly agreed to sell it to myself after I made a chance non-related phone call to the Markich Garage in late 2002.
The car was transported to Qld. by rail in a sealed container early in 2003, with the Boxed hardtop following in a separate container.

Neville Powell.