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Andrew Pitchford (Vic) TR3A - 1961 model

I purchased my 1961 TR3A on 10th December 1969, my first car, for $950 from a Roy McCartney.

Details of the car are:
Registration No: HJY 736
Engine No: TS 80021 ETS
Commission No: TS 79969
Body Shell: EB 78023 1100287

According to the car's Standard Register Birth Certificate the build date was Monday 5th September 1960 and the body colour was British Racing Green with Red Vynide trim, white hood and side curtains.
The car was bought with hood, tonneau and steel hardtop after what looked like a fairly hard life, albeit it was only 8 years old.

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For the first 5 years after I bought it the TR3A was my everyday transport which included TSOA Club activities and some motor racing. During this period I added an overdrive gearbox. Marriage, house renovating and family commitments resulted in it's use gradually declining to zero over the period between 1975 and 2008. Whilst always intending to restore the car myself I realized that if it was ever to be completed, let alone started, I needed some good professional help.

Thus in 2008 I made the decision to have the car completely restored from the ground up by professionals in order that it would be back to it's original pristine condition for it's 50 th birthday.
Geoff Kelly took on this challenge commencing stripping the body down to it's chassis in May 2008.Andy Ansell was given the responsibility to restore the chassis and body the results of which can be seen in the accompanying photos.
Geoff did an excellent job reconditioning all the mechanical works including the engine, gearbox and suspension. Based on his very sound advice a high torque starter motor, electric radiator fan, extractors, power brakes, upgraded shock absorbers, front sway bar, 72 spoke wheels and Mota-Lita steering wheel were fitted for improved safety, performance and roadholding. The interior was completely refurbished and reupholstered with Geoff then reassembling the whole car to its current glory for which I will be forever grateful.

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Many parts were ordered through RH Bare on behalf of the TR Register and I am particularly grateful to Ray Kasparian for the service, care and advice that always accompanied such requests.
The TR3A was reregistered in January 2010 and finally completed by August 2010 just in time for the 50 th anniversary of it's build date. I trust this will be of interest to the other members and those undertaking restoration of their cars.