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David Pearce (TAS) TR3A   1960 Model TS 80284-O
and 1957 Peerless GT
The UK built alloy bodied prototype was named "Warwick". The production cars had fibreglass bodies & were renamed "Peerless GT" in 1957. It has Triumph TR3 running gear in a tubular space frame with de Dion tube rear suspension. About 325 were made and a handful made it to Australia - this rare car is lucky to find a good home with David Pearce.
When Peerless Cars failed and Bernie Rodger restructured the concern he produced another 40 or so cars sold as a Warwick.
April 2012 when displayed at the National Auto Museum Tasmania - "Wind in Your Hair" expo.
This photo shows David's TR3A in 2008 - taken in David & Jean's backyard

2nd Place at the
2008 Concours - Thredbo
Outright winner at the
2007 Concours - Port Macquarie
The car ready for judging at Port Macquarie 2007
Ancillaries ready for judging at Port Macquarie 2007
David & Jean at Port Macquarie 2007
David and Jean at the Swan Hill Concours 2002

Port Macquarie 2007
The photos below are early digital images and the quality is quite poor.
David came all the way from Tasmania with TR3A for the 1998 Concours at Tumut NSW
And again ... for the 1999 Concours at Beechworth in Victoria

Some details of David's car:

Build date was 14.9.60 - yellow with grey trim, white hood & tonneau.
Records show the car was registered in VIC in 1968 - rego # JYD071.
F. Cengia (Hobart - TAS) purchased the car with VIC plates from Motors P/Ltd in Hobart TAS in 1968.
David purchased the car from Mr. Cengia for $3000 in April 1976 and it had been unregistered for the previous 7 years.

Restoration proceeded as follows:

  • 1989 - dismantled
  • 1990 - engine rebuild & gearbox overhaul
  • 1992 - chassis restored
  • 1996 - body removed and restored - bare metal repaint.
  • 1998 (Feb) - trim completed and car registered and on the road.

I think this photo was from an early TR run organised by David in Tasmania.