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John Murn NSW
TR3A - Life Member

When you can't get photos, go through your own archives! I took this at a hill climb at Mt. Panorama -
up Forrest's Elbow in late 1991 (or 2?) if memory serves me correctly. Former member Mark Stuckey was there as well.

The photo above was taken at the same time as the top pic.

The ones at the right were taken by Gavin Rea who is one of the few people who responds to appeals for photos - Gavin says " I have attached the only ones I have, they are in his Delta at Eastern Creek Historics several years ago."

The photos below are at Full Size

This is an old photograph I have of John's car
and it is a very low resolution digital image. |

If anybody (or John!) has some more pics we
could use, they would be gratefully received.
1978 Concours Presentation
Ray Potbury, Laurie Cousin and, then President, John Murn on the right. Ray has just been awarded the perpetual trophy donated by Laurie.