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Bob Murgatroyd - 1958 - TR3A -
TS 38778 0

Bob recounts the reconstruction - " I  purchased the car in a very sorry state with many parts missing in 2006.
It was last registered in 1978, with a Vanguard motor!
The car is a 1958 model, with overdrive. The commission number is TS 38778""0" and
according to it's birth certificate was a powder blue car. 
I fitted rack and pinion steering, electric cooling fan, an alternator and 60 spoke TR4 wheels. I would like to  boost the brakes soon and fit a sway bar to the front; and nearly something with the side screens.
The car runs very well and sounds wonderful. I used a 87mm low-compression kit in the engine rebuild, my reasoning being that it would be a low stressed motor that would last. Don't know how correct that is but  I am really pleased with the power it has; easily pulling up hills in top gear overdrive! The gearbox/overdrive works beautifully. (many thanks to Howard for his help with the overdrive after I installed the one-way bearing in back-the front!) "