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John & Joy Muddle NSW
TR3A - 1960 model

These two photos were taken at the Port Macquarie Concours 2008

This is what John & Joy do while
the Concours is running.
This photo was taken on the TT Tour of Victoria in 2006
John & Joy near Gloucester NSW 2007
Enjoying a spell after a days touring. (2007)
At Brisbane - 2005
Joy (Left) & John (right) having a spell from
busy Regalia Sales 2006
This row of photos taken during the 2004 TT to Victoria and John was the Tour Leader ...
... and the strain is beginning to show ...
... but it all turns out alright in the end!
Photos below are Full Size
These pics were taken at the Inverell Concours in 2000
The following pics were early low-res images taken on 27th June 1999 (full size)

John's car was previously owned by Ross Johnson - Cooma