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Alex McQueen (NSW) TR3A
1959 model
- Commission # TS 52641

The car was originally sold on 24/6/59 and had 3 unknown owners, followed by Mr. Alan Legg.
Originally the car was Royal Blue, and had been fitted with a 2038 Vanguard engine at some stage,

Chris Webb (Aylesbury UK) purchased the car from Alan Legg in 1974 (Reg. No. EBA 22). After a broken crankshaft, in or about 1980, Chris obtained the parts for the current engine, and rebuilt it. About that time, he also changed the colour from Triumph Royal Blue, to Renault Rouge Tolede (the colour when he sold it).

Chris shipped the car to Australia in 1988. The original Reg. EBA 22, was sold prior to shipping (it paid for the shipping costs) and it was then registered EBW 401A for the time it remained in UK .

Following arrival in Perth WA on 24/11/88 it was re-registered 7NO216
The car was sold to Rod Elliot ( Perth WA) on 8/11/94
Alex McQueen purchased the car on 20/11/00 and transported it to Victoria by truck where restoration commenced.
It was then transported to NSW in June 2001 and restoration completed Oct 2002. Trim changed from blue to red/black.

2003 update: Rego changed from EBW 401A to Concessional rego with SCHVC. The car was running well. Mods include rack and pinion steering, '76 all synchro gearbox with J type o/d on 2,3, and top.

2005 update: Alex says: "After purchasing it from Mr R.Elliot in Perth, I drove it to the transport depot to get it to Melbourne. The car was complete and ran in a fashion however the steering wheel rim broke free of the spokes as I parked it in the depot. When the car was stripped I soon established that very little could be salvaged, so I did the motor up including new sleeves & pistons, crankshaft grind, new valves & s/s seats, new (warm) camshaft, extractors, geared startermotor etc.
The body was so bad (albeit well disguised) that only the fibre-glass nose cone was reusable. Bog thickness in places was 1"+ and there was considerable use of chicken wire where metal had vanished. The floor in the cab. & boot comprised Arnotts biscuit tins flattened & pop-rivetted in place. Everything suspect was coated in several mm's of coal-tar epoxy. So much for buying a car the day before flying home from interstate!! So the car now displaying that car's identification has more from elsewhere than the original."

This photo was taken on 8.12.2000 after engine, gearbox and other parts had been removed.