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Jim McLachlan TR3A
1960 model
- Commission # TS80378

The Triumph is a 1960 model commission number TS80378. When I bought the car, I am not sure what had happened to it, but it was rusted from the ground to about halfway up the doors, and the tyres although new, were all literally flat on the bottom(the 48 spoke chrome rims were even rusted halfway.
Even the fuel tank was rusted halfway up, and the sender was stuck at half a tank, even though the tank was empty.
I am an electrician by trade, but have done a lot of paint and panel work , so I repaired it myself. I carried out all of the mechanical work, myself, also.  
She drives well, thanks to Ray at Bare co providing me with valuable spare parts assistance.  The car is totally standard with no modifications (even has a steering box!!)