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Warren McEwen (NSW) Swallow Doretti
1954 model
- Chassis # 1205

Lorraine Hill in the Swallow Doretti at Warwick Farm - March 19th 1961

The vehicle has not been run since approx 1970. It was raced in the early 1960's at Oran Park and Warwick Farm by Miss Lorraine Hill (shown above) with some success. Mr Les Taylor purchased the damaged car at auction around 1970 and dismantled it at this time however due to a long terminal illness it remained dismantled and deteriorated to its present terrible state. Warren hopes to restore the car over the next few years.

So - you think you had a difficult rebuild? (2008)
At least most of the important bits are there.
Work commences ...
... and progress is shown later in 2008.
Cape Schank Concours
A lovely shot showing progress in December 2008 and revealing the differences between a TR and the Doretti.
Cape Schank Concours - Rosebud Vic