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John McCormack (NSW)
1954 TR2 Comm # TS5038 O         Owned since 1976
1954 TR2 Comm # TS3732 O     and 1970 TR6

2021 Update


Previous photos of the completed TR2 - TS 3732 O

A couple of photos of the restoration progress of TS 3732 O
April 2019
- also 2 videos:

Video 1 - Exterior
Video 2 - Engine Bay

The TR2 has now been joined by a 1970 TR6 PI bought in August 2016 ...

... and also by 1954 TR2 (TS3732 O) long door for restoration bought from Bob Cousins January 2017

At Echuca Concours 2013 TR2 TS5038 (photo Marlene Lyell©)

Interested viewers at the Echuca Concours 2013

Restoration Photos of long door TR2 TS3732 O
John McCormack says:
This is a long door TR2 for restoration bought from Bob Cousins January 2017. I will report on the restoration as it progresses.


Work underway on the chassis and suspension:

1970 TR6 PI


Early Photos of TR2 TS5038
John McCormack says:
Here are some photos of my poor old tired TR2 for the Gallery. She is in desparate need of new paint etc, but goes like a bat out of hell for a road car.
I have owned her for 38 years (2014) having bought her from John Thompson Sports Cars on Parramatta Rd in Feb 76.
Birth certificate says she left the factory at 0830 on the morning of 10 Dec 54

John's 1970 TR6 PI

TR2, 2500S and Traveller - ACT March 1988