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Hugh Maslin (TAS) TR2
1954 model
- Comm. No TS 4243 O

Hugh says:
"I have owned the car since 1972. It was my only car for several years.
I have carried out many improvements over the years but the body has not been off the chassis.

Originally a geranium car but has been white ever since I have had it. I have kept all the original parts but it now has Escourt rack and pinion steering, TR3 disc brakes and power booste, negative earth conversion, alternator, balanced moto,r TR4 head, extractors and DCOM 40 Webers.

Its always been a nice car to drive but not concours"

History: This car was raced at Symons Plains and Longford by Stan Tilley.

The photo below was taken on an earlier TR Register (TAS) run.

These are more recent photos of the car