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(updated 28 January 2018)

Autosource - cars, opinions, reviews, news ... an Australian automotive internet directory.

British Cars Web - Scions of Lucas If you have an interest in anything to do with British cars, this is the place to find out about e-mail lists, clubs, parts sources, tech information, events, or just other people who share your interests. Site contributions are made by folks all over the world, who work on and drive their LBC's.

Buy Classic Car Parts - if you are prepared to order from the USA, this site lists a number of Triumph parts suppliers.

CLASSIC BRITISH CARS (USA) Includes: cars for sale & wanted, links, resources, photo gallery and a Triumph section.

CLASSIC FASTENERS (Australia) was established to provide a fastener service to restorers of automobiles and motorcycles, both amateur and professional. Our extensive range includes Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Taps, Dies and more, including many of those hard to find items eg.
BSF - High Tensile, BSF - Low Tensile, BSW, UNC, UNF, BA, BSC - 26tpi, BSC - 20tpi, Metric - coarse, Metric - fine
Catalog is downloadable PDF file and the website has a lot of technical information.

CTM Engineering (UK) CTM Engineering is owned and run by Colin Matthews, an experienced, dedicated enthusiast for the marque, specialising in the manufacture and restoration of new and original Chassis for TR2, 3, 3a, 4, 4a, 5 and 6. Right from its early days, the Company saw the requirement for accurate tooling and alignment. This desire to produce work only of the highest standard saw the development of a comprehensive 'Jig' facility where all chassis work is carried out thus ensuring consistency and accuracy of alignment. The Company offers varying degrees of chassis repairs, restoration and modification to suit individual requirements from straightening/repairs only to full preparation including Hot Zinc Spraying, Painting and 'Wax-oiling' etc.
The Company continues to offer new chassis assemblies for early and late TRs exceeding that of original production standards.

HSRCA - (Australia ) - Historic racing is one of motor sport's best kept secrets, and the Historic Sports and Racing Car Association of NSW (Inc) is one of Australia's leading car clubs catering specifically for historic racing, sports and touring cars.

Macy's Garage (USA):   INFORMATIVE SITE  An informative site with plenty of technical help, parts for sale & manufactured, a "how to" section and lots of other stuff useful to TR owners.

MG Sales & Service South Australia - Stock of some TR second hand panels, bonnets and windscreen frames + plenty of TR6 doors

Michelotti TR Maintenance and Modification : some interesting technical information

Moss Europe - As part of the world's oldest and largest classic British sports car spares organization, Moss Europe are pleased to offer the most diverse range of restoration, maintenance and accessory products for your British classic.

North Devon Metalcraft (UK) We manufacture the sheet metal body (or body shell) for any car. We specialise in classic sports cars such as the C-Type Jag and AC Cobra and we are the worlds only manufacturers of the Triumph TR2/3/3a body shell.

Peerless and Warwick Homepage - This site aspires to be the definitive source of information for the Peerless and Warwick marque. Produced in relatively small numbers during the late 1950's and early 1960's, these classic British sportscars were years ahead of their time with regard to both their concept, and their styling.

Racetorations (UK) Racetorations is owned by Darryl Uprichard and located in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England. Racetorations is a company that builds and restores Triumph TR cars.

Racing Car Technology - Batemans Bay NSW - We have done more than anybody else, we believe, to determine what makes a TR handle well, and develop the products to do the job.  Both of us (Neville and Dale) have extensive experience in manufacturing, repairing, preparing and racing British sports cars.  I (Dale) am a BMC factory trained automotive engineer.  In later years we have developed leading edge suspension and handling technology.

Raymond van Donk's website - 1959 TR3A - the Netherlands - an interesting site with detail on a very nice restoration and some useful links

Revington (UK) Revington TR have been established as Triumph TR specialists since 1980. They are comprehensive parts manufacturers and suppliers for the entire TR range from TR2 to TR8

Rimmer Bros (UK) Carry Triumph spare parts and accessories.

Roadster Factory (USA) The Roadster Factory was founded in 1978 by Charles Runyan, now a well-known British car enthusiast. The Company was established in Charles's apartment, and it now occupies a thirty-thousand square-foot warehouse. It is the goal of The Roadster Factory to make it as easy as possible for our customers to drive, maintain, and restore classic British sports cars for fun, for transportation, for racing, or for show as they desire. To this end, they stock everything from major components to nuts and bolts, and provide free copies of parts catalogues for individual models.

Rob Roy Historic Garage - Well known Victorian racing enthusiast, Steve Lunn, is a good friend to TR owners in Australia

Scott's Old Auto Rubber & Old Rover Parts - Automotive rubber for many makes and models (Triumph included).
Melbourne, Australia. Phone and Fax: - 61- 3 - 9563 3023

Stevson Motors - UK Specialist classic car hydraulic component manufacturers of brake pipe kits and hoses, fuel pipe kits and hoses, oil pressure gauge pipes and hoses. Factory trained reconditioners of classic & vintage Luvax, Girling & Armstrong lever arm and telescopic shock absorbers. Parts for Jaguar, MG, Austin Healey, Triumph, Ford, Rover, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, etc, etc.. Commercial and military vehicle applications also stocked. Fast, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly service from a family firm established for over 60 years.... Mail worldwide.

Swallow Doretti Page The Swallow Doretti Home Page has been established so that owners of Doretti sports cars will be able to exchange information and provide assistance to each other. The website is associated with the Swallow Doretti Register that operates under the auspices of the TR REGISTER.

Sydney Vintage Car Restorations - specialises in restoration work on all vintage and classic cars plus the production of many TR bits including door skins, guard's etcetera.

TR REGISTER FRANCE Le TR REGISTER FRANCE is directly affiliated to the TR REGISTER GB which counts around 7000 members. The TR REGISTER FRANCE keeps permanent contacts with the other worldwide TR Register clulbs. The main objective of the club is to create a community of people having the same passion for the TR, to help the members to keep their TR on the road and to keep TRIUMPH alive

TR Register NZ - established 1976 - total of known TRs in New Zealand is around 500 of which club members own approximately 50%.

TR register UK The TR Register was founded in 1970 and has been growing steadily ever since to become one of the most successful one-make car clubs in the world, offering members a wealth of information and expertise. It was founded by enthusiasts for the benefit of enthusiasts and caters for all models of TR from TR2 - TR8 and all derivatives - Italia, Swallow Doretti, Peerless, Warwick.

TR Shop - UK - supplier of TR parts and accessories

Triumph Owners Tasmania A site dedicated to both the potential owner and the fanatic alike. This site offers the unique opportunity for Triumph owners to join as members and showcase their vehicle, provide information on their work and achievements, advertise parts and paraphenalia for sale etc
This site is a gold-mine of information for anyone interested in the marque. It is an information source, a meeting place, discussion forum, library and photo gallery. It is the central hub for the Tasmanian Triumph community, and a global leader in Triumph technology on-line.

Triumph Sports Owners Association in Australia The Triumph Sports Owners Association (TSOA) was founded in England in 1953 to support and encourage owners of the TR2. A branch was formed in the USA in 1954 and since then branches have been formed in many other countries. Over time many of these groups have evolved and moved in different directions while others have closed. In Australia, Separate branches of the TSOA have since been formed in all Australian States.

TR-Register Austria - The TR-Register Austria, an oldtimer club for friends of Triumph TR2 to TR8, have this new website. With 65 members, they are the biggest Triumph-Club and the only TR-Club of Austria.

TSOA (NSW) The Triumph Sports Owners Association NSW is a group of Triumph enthusiasts catering for owners of all Triumphs, pre-1954, TR2 through to TR8, GT6, Spitfire, Stag, Dolomite, 2000-2500 Saloons, Herald, Vitesse etc.

TSOA Vic The Melbourne Branch, was started in 1960 by a handful of TR owners keen on motor sport and social gatherings and is now one of the oldest branches in the world that has operated continuously. The TSOA Vic. has grown from this and now promotes the ownership of all the Triumph sporting models including TRs 2 to 8, Spitfires, GT6s and Stags.

Vintage Triumph Register (VTR) - The Vintage Triumph Register is a North American club of over 2,700 Triumph owners and enthusiasts. (You do not have to own a Triumph to join.) VTR is the only North American club which covers and supports all models of Triumphs. VTR publishes a quarterly magazine, "The Vintage Triumph."